Three words that describe Senior Portal’s directories? Powerful. Dynamic. Flexible.

Three words that describe Senior Portal’s directories? Powerful. Dynamic. Flexible.

In this month’s Product Feature Update, we’re taking a closer look at Senior Portal’s directories.  There are many features we want to be sure you’re aware of so that you’re optimizing the functionality of the system.

Creating a joint user accountSome residents would like to share an account with a partner. While we normally discourage the creation of joint accounts (because each account is tied to event registration, and partners don’t always go to the same events), we’re still able to accommodate the request. Senior Portal, in fact, makes it easy.  Residents or administrators can simply edit the “Resident Name” field of the account to reflect both names. Once that’s done, the only thing left to do is upload a photo of the couple to the account and delete the partner’s account.
Using areas of interest to promote social engagementWith Senior Portal, a community has the ability to customize interest categories from the Admin Dashboard. When the residents set up their individual profiles, they have the ability to indicate their interests, and they can then connect with other residents based on their respective interests.
Filtering the resident directory by address or move-in dateThis is a heavily-utilized resident feature within Senior Portal.  Residents like the ease-of-use in being able to filter through the Resident Directory by address or move-in date (or other dimensions of their profiles).  This helps them locate other residents who live nearby or are new to the community.
Sending private messagesAnother popular feature of Senior Portal is the messaging platform. Residents are able to send one another messages through the privacy of the portal. 

Client Spotlights:

A 1300+ resident community in Audubon, Pennsylvania has numerous residents who enjoy the benefits of creating joint accounts.  One particular couple comes to mind…The husband is quite tech-savvy, and his wife likes to be able to easily log in. Thanks to the flexibility of Senior Portal’s directory, they created a joint account that suits both of their needs.    

This same community has chosen to customize the “Interest” dropdown within their directory.  Based on feedback from their residents, they’ve labeled that field “Occupation.” Residents can then select their previous or current occupation as opposed to their interest, and then they can connect with other residents based on that aspect of their profiles.

A community nestled in Northern Virginia pulls resident information directly from residents’ profiles and generates a “yearbook.” The yearbook is added to the main navigation bar for residents to peruse. Unlike the main directory, the yearbook includes full resident biographies along with contact information and hobbies.

A Savannah, Georgia community only prints the directory once (through the portal) when a resident first comes to the community.  From then on, residents utilize the online directory.