Alexa Voice Profiles and Senior Portal

Do you have multiple people using one Amazon Echo device?
With Amazon Alexa Voice Profiles, you can now teach Alexa your voice. Through creating your own voice profile, Alexa knows who is speaking and responds based off of your voice.

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Smart Homes- The Future of Living

What are smart homes?
Smart homes aren’t just for futuristic movies anymore. The number of smart homes across America is growing. According to Statista, 22.5 million U.S. homes implement some type of smart home technology.

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5 Ways Voice Activation Technology Improves Isolation

Isolation among seniors is a problem. According to a study by the University of California, San Francisco, 18% of seniors live alone, and lonely adults are more likely to die faster.

Why are aging adults lonely?

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6 Ways Voice Activation Technology Helps Adults with Dementia

Voice activation technology is becoming more available as its uses expand. Sure, it’s great to turn the lights off in the kitchen through a voice command, but that is just the start of what this technology can do. With new applications of digital intelligent assistants, voice recognition can make the lives of people living with dementia easier.

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Voice Activation Technology Use Among Seniors

We speak, tech replies.

“Alexa, what is voice activation technology?”

Voice activation technology has become increasingly popular since Amazon’s 2014 release of the smartspeaker product line known as the Echo.

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New Year, New Features!

It may be cold outside, but Senior Portal is heating up. We’re starting 2017 off with a bang: a fresh set of features that your independent senior living community will love!

1) Employee Portal
Senior Portal is proud to announce the first-ever employee portal system for senior communities! No other platform can compare

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Three Features Your Residents Want

While working directly with community residents and staff for over a year on our Senior Portal software, we’ve heard resident requests ranging from movie showtimes to senior speed dating. Your community intranet should at least have the bare essentials: event registration, calendars, dining menus

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Event Coordinators Need Support Too

The life of a senior community event coordinator is, to say the least, eventful. Residents rely on event staff (sometimes just oneperson) to create programs that are fun, accessible, and a multitude of other adjectives. Event staff are usually responsible or involved in:

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Senior Portal: Technology Built by Seniors, For Seniors

When we say that Senior Portal is “Built by residents, for residents,” we mean it.
Every Senior Portal we install goes through a rigorous process to establish community needs and wants. Part of that process directly involves residents — meeting them, eating lunch alongside them, and fielding their questions

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Senior Residents, Staff, and the dreaded “new” technology

“Change” can be a dirty word.
Generally speaking, the most difficult part of implementing new technology is the buy-in. All parties must embrace for a new solution to work effectively. Everyone gets excited about the prospect of something new, but actually launching and having users embrace it is a different story.

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