can a case be dismissed after pleading guilty

222 S 15th St #405N, This article discussed expungement eligibility for charges that did not result in a conviction after a guilty plea. That's where the expungement comes in. Factors a Court Considers when Determining an Appropriate Sentence. Commonwealth v. Nevertheless, charges dismissed as part of a negotiated plea may be expunged. The factors are provided: 3. The likelihood of successfully expunging records in these situations depends on how/why the charges were dropped. Courts suggest that expunging the record of the plea agreement is unfair and giving the defendant “more than he bargained for in the plea agreement.” See Commonwealth v. Waughtel, 999 A.2d 623, 626 (Pa. Super. The arrest record of these dispositions may be expunged; however, it is more likely that the Commonwealth will object to petitions to expunge these records requiring a Wexler hearing to resolve the matter. In that case, the Commonwealth elected not to oppose motion for expungement in any way, and thus advanced no interest in preserving movant's records. A statement from any victims of the crime; VII. Omaha, Expunging these records is important because people reviewing you record may not understand what you were actually convicted of and may only remember or hold the dismissed charges against you. 2009) (illustrating that courts are interested in the record of how and why the charges were dropped). ); IV. Restated, if a Defendant does not have any problems, then there is no excuse for the person’s criminal actions; if there is no excuse for the criminal actions, the judge cannot “fix” the Defendant, and if the judge cannot fix the Defendant, the only sentence the judge will likely impose is time in prison. Posted August 28, 2013 10:07pm. 75 A.3d 518 (Pa. Super. The call is free of charge and without pressure. An appellate court might dismiss a case after it has reversed the conviction on the grounds of a bad search or arrest. You have to remember however, just because you're case was dismissed and there's no conviction does not mean there is no arrest record. Your email address will not be published. © 2020 by Lampman Law. 2005) (granting expungement of theft and misapplication of entrusted property that were dropped after defendant agreed to resign from his job). If your case was dismissed, and a not guilty plea was entered then there is no conviction. When meeting with the evaluator, it is imperative that a Defendant is completely honest about the facts of the underlying case, prior criminal history and substance abuse. Thus, it is common for withdrawn, dismissed, or nolle prossed charges to be on a criminal history.

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