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jeff ward xr75

I’m in my 50’s now and I hope to see the bike still running in another 20 years. Powder coated frame. It was far more powerful than the outgoing SL mill and easily capable of toting full size adults around the track (a task that would have had the SL begging for mercy). 64. Explore Tony Blazier's photos on Flickr. I had one of these bikes and I had the best time with it as A kid . CASE MACHINING AND RESLEEVING NECESSARY, run in stroker configurations, and it turns your XR into a 120cc monster. I saw one for sale, not running, in Ohio for $700. nbsp;Chain and sprockets have been replaced. I still remember Jeff Ward coming to my locals track racing a XR75. Running the full 120cc racing package, many many hours went into the motor alone and suspension mods. The only real weak point on the chassis turned out to be those curious pegs, which were mounted directly to the bottom of the engine cases. Finally, with the killer motor tucked very nicely into the J&H frame, many handcrafted pieces had to be made, such as a trick tubular brake pedal, bottom tubular case saver, aluminum motor mounts, and new super trick fully adjustable Heim joint rear brake stay, which will also be available in our online store! The motor was never designed for the stresses of racing and many a hopped-up SL went BANG under the demands of race conditions. New Valves. Next, stress test don't scratch those $550 super trick Buchannon aluminum rims XMR. The little XR was easy to wheelie over obstacles with the proper amount of body English and slid well under power. Jeff Ward on his XR75. There's nothing that is cooler than a fully modified XR thundering down the track with the front wheel up in the air. For this edition of GP’s Classic Steel, we are going to take a look back at one of the most popular machines of the 1970’s, Honda’s groundbreaking XR75. "H" model 4 speed bikes and both 1st and 2nd Gen bikes in every color. In 1973, you really did meet the nicest people on a Honda. It was smooth, torquey (by mini bike standards) and amazingly, actually faster than most of its mini-class rivals at the time. Polished and brushed hubs all-aluminum excel rims with stainless spokes and nipples a beautiful combination. The stock exhaust on the XR was both efficient and incredibly quiet. Unlike most brands of the time, Hondas didn’t leak, belch smoke or refuse to start at regular intervals. More new tricks include Aluminum tubular brake pedal, early model cr125 side plates, and of course, a one-off XMR custom snake pipe. Above right the J&H is now a rolling chassis complete with floating brake package and reworked fork internals, soon we will be ready for the killer XR motor. OK remember cutting off the old shock mounts? They were both identical except for a few mounting holes. New Valves. Another super trick part for the early XRs 73-76 was this 5-speed close-ratio transmission, the yz 80 c was coming and the aftermarket manufacturers knew it. Photo credit: Dirt Bike. The new frame was stronger and lighter than the outgoing SL unit and featured a single downtube and beefy stamped steel backbone. Tons of parts were also needed including a new XMR built motor. With the bottom end carefully assembled here's one last look before we assemble the top end, polished valves fully ported cylinder with valve guides machined inside the ports for clear passage, high lift modified camshaft to fit needle bearing cam tower heavy-duty valve springs 24mm Mikuni carb, electronic ignition Lockhart oil cooler, rocker arms have also been cut and lightened, stay tuned as the J&H monster comes together. Raced Grand Prix at Corona, desert, Escape country( Robinson Ranchnow), Saddle Back, El Mirage Etc., Had the best times of my life!!! 3x ridden by the champ himself, Jeff Ward. Feel free to ask questions using eBay's email or call 931. XR MINI RACER ... Jeff Ward. One last look at the top end before it all comes together. Aiding the XR’s race-readiness was an all-new frame and rugged off-road ready suspension. Frame welding for strength, aggressive suspensions seat mods were all part of standard equipment for top runners back in the day such as Myerscough, Ward, Brown, just to name a few. The motor remained in a very mild state of tune and offered a meager 6.5 horsepower to pull around its 153 pounds of bulk. Wasn't too happy when I first saw the cluster you know what !!! XR mini racer skunkworks division, prototyping our wild and crazy snake pipes. Next, some careful reassembly of bottom end. Above the floating backing plate eliminated rear-wheel hop, by drilling out the existing bushing pictured at left and machining a bronze bushing and a new female spacer to predetermined measurements that slid through the hub and over it pictured right, this kept the plate free-floating on the bearing inside the hub. In stock configurations a whopping 98cc! A new sleeker tank for 1974 slimmed the XR’s lines and made it look more like the new CR and less like the outgoing SL. 0850 with questions. It came first, and in the end, it actually outlasted both the bike that eventually replaced it and the bike that stole its thunder in ’73. In the coming months, we will be bringing many new projects to the table, such as how to install the original lay down turtle suspensions which we offer as a kit, for 73-76 XR75 including tig installation, before and after for those of you wanting to lay down the shocks at a 45degree angle. Above, well if you have made it this far no stopping now! Next off to paint, front end, and wheel lacing. By 1980, the CR80R would be on the scene, relegating the XR to play bike status for the remainder of its forty-year run. They were easy to handle, reliable and fun, but less than appealing to the go-fast set. While Z50, CT70 and SL70 were all immensely popular; none of them were particularly good dirt bikes. This particular pattern is a 2 cross pattern, there are 2 different bend types of spokes to be installed on each wheel an inner and an outer the exaggerated 90 is always the outside the other shorter bend is always inner. tape it at approx width, once that's done the outer will appear again do the same count over and over again taping each as you go do both sides and upper left picture is what you will have, position the rim over the pattern and carefully fit, if nothing matches don't panic! Old rival turned friend Dave T brought by a complete basket case of an all original racer from back in the day. They preferred to stick to road racing and let the other brands play in the dirt. In the suspension department, the XR used a set of non-adjustable telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks. While immensely popular in the street arena, Honda in the sixties had virtually no presence in the off-road market. Stay tuned as this one develops! If you’re a young man just beginning to ride or race, Honda has two mini-motorcycles that can help give you a head start. From then on I bought my own! I still remember Jeff Ward coming to my locals track racing a XR75. No more worn-out cam towers. Putting the power to the ground was a rugged manual clutch and close-ratio four-speed transmission with straight-cut gears for durability. Local pickup is fine also. He rode it well into the 90’s. One magazine at the time even proclaimed them the best set of forks found on a production machine of any size in 1974. Of course, a full-blown race motor is standard on all XMR factory machines. ’76 CR125 $625, ’79Cr125 $1325! 73-76, 77-78. For your daily dose of old-school moto goodness, make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram -@TonyBlazier, For questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line anytime at TheMotocrossVault@Gmail.com. We are now ready for some oil cooler plumbing ignition wiring, and of course, the J&B pipe which the J&H monoshock ran back in the day. Instant revs and no more dry spot on high rev engines core exchange required cams, and cam towers in stock, a must for the hardcore modified XR. Also like the Mini Trail, the 70 featured the unique folding bars and compact dimensions that made it an ideal bike to cram in the trunk or hang off the back bumper. All Rights Reserved. Add in aftermarket forks, head mods, a cam, a J.W.R.P ignition and a DG pipe, and you could start to see how the pit bike thing became a drain on many a college savings fund in the mid-seventies. The J&H complete monoshock package racer, running a full-blown 120cc XR mini racer full race motor, you have been with us from the very start, from wheel lacing to complete motor building to finish and cosmetics a great build and unique in its own way. Bill of Sale only on this Dirt Bike. The latest from XMR. Here's a sneak peek at our J&H monoshock, at this point, we have machined the axle pivot and bronze bushings, which are much thicker than stock and have also installed the shock. The J&B old school racer also one of our favorites has a very distinct look with the trademark baby blue paint scheme, and of course, the J&B racing pipe will put the total package together. Other than that, Honda’s little mini bike was bulletproof. Honda XR 75 Vintage AHRMA Mini Racer XR75 K3 Restored XR75 Last Year of 1st ... Honda XR 75 Vintage AHRMA Mini Racer XR75 K3 Restored, Vintage Honda XR75 1975 Restored AHRMA Mini Trail XR 75 SL70 S90 Z50 CT70. com. This 74 will be running a pair of machined Fox air shocks and reworked front fork internals. Jeff Ward and his Honda XR75 became a staple of motocross magazines in the mid-seventies. Sporting a 47 x 41.4mm bore and stroke and 8:8.1 compression ratio, the new mill featured larger valves, a higher rev ceiling and a bigger carb (19.5mm Keihin) than the old power plant. Next full cradle frame Lockhart oil cooler, CDI ignition, and cosmetics. The XR75 was a whole new type of off-road Honda. You could spot them a mile away, and of course, who could forget the no. Yamaha’s new YZ80 held a slight advantage out of the hole, but the superior top-end power of the XR pulled it ahead every time. Above 90% complete, hot rod 78 XMR "tuff bike" nicknamed by good friend AC, running a full line of XMR performance parts. Quality silverware: While not incredibly plush, the XR’s stock forks were capable of handing anything a pint-sized mini pilot was capable of throwing at it in 1974.

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