state and capital in nigeria and their slogan pdf

Its capital Ilorin city and the slogan phrase is “The Place of Harmony.”, It is the smallest state of the country. 36 States in Nigeria and their Slogan (New), How to Open and Verify a Paypal Account in Nigeria (2020), Highest Revenue Generating States in Nigeria: Top 10 (2020), Short Courses Offered at Lagos Business School (2020), Top 10 Best Financial Courses in Nigeria (2020), The Full Process of Impeaching the Nigerian President, How To Get A Job In Bahrain From Nigeria Easily (2020), Official Emergency Help Lines in Nigeria: Full List, Official Sample of NYSC Redeployment Application Letter & How To Write It, List Of All State Polytechnics in Nigeria (Accredited, 2020), List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Kogi State, List of All MTN Walk-In/SIM Registration Centres In Nigeria, Top Online Pharmaceutical Stores in Nigeria (Best List), Telecommunication Companies Operating In Nigeria: Full List, Latest Prices of GoTV Decoders & Subscriptions in Nigeria (October, 2020), NYSC Relocation & Redeployment: How To Apply + Reasons (2020), Bayelsa State: List of Local Government Areas & Towns, Nigerian Army Salary Per Month 2020 After Minimum Wage Increase, Responsibilities and Duties of the Government to the People, How to Quit Your Job in Nigeria Professionally, Current Prices of Wallpapers in Nigeria (October, 2020), Best Brands of Tyres in Nigeria & Prices (October, 2020), Formerly Land of Beauty, Sunshine and Hospitality, Old slogan: Home of Agricultural Products. This is a state in the western part of the country with the capital in Ado-Ekiti city. The state was formerly nicknamed Pride of the Nation. Some states in Nigeria have been given nicknames in which they are known for. The process of state creation started in 1967 and continued to 1996. Top 10 Biggest Churches In Nigeria (2020 Ranking), List Of Nigeria's Neighboring Countries & What To Know About Them, Geopolitical Zones In Nigeria & Their States, Complete List Of All Local Government Areas In Nigeria, 36 States And Capital In Nigeria, Their Slogans & Current Governors For 2020, * Federal Capital Territory (FCT) – Abuja, Complete List Of Courses Offered In FUTO (2020), How Many LGAs Are In Lagos State? A southeastern state with the capital in Abakaliki city. State slogans in Nigeria represent the main idea of the state, its spirit, and main feature. The slogan or motto of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is “Unity & Faith, Peace & Progress” and this can also be seen on the Nigerian coat of arms. It was formed in 1996. The state was formed in 1996. The new sligan for Bayelsa state is Glory of all lands. Slogan - “Fountain of Knowledge.”. In the year 1952, General Lord Lugard created 4 regions which were the Eastern, Northern, Mid West and Western Regions. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. “Land of Beauty, Hospitality, and Sunshine” this is the slogan. The capital is Minna city and it is called “The Power State.”. Nigeria consists of 36 states, every state has its own name, capital, and slogan. The capital is Awka city, “Home For All” this is the slogan. 36 states in Nigeria, their capitals and slogans Nigeria consists of 36 states, every state has its own capital, and slogan. There are currently 36 states in Nigeria with the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory. “The Big Heart” this is how it is called in the slogan. Top 10 Ugliest People In The World: Who Are They? Chizoba is a seasoned Information blogger, content developer and the founder of Nigerian Infopedia. These states were Adamawa, Abia, Delta, Enugu, Edo, Jigawa, Kogi, Taraba, Yobe and Osun states. This post contains all the information you need to know about all the 36 states and capital in Nigeria, their various slogans … List of 36 States in Nigeria with their Capitals, Current Governors, and Title (slogan). It is situated in South East part of the country, the largest city and capital is Owerri city. The capital is Katsina city, and its slogan is “Home of Hospitality.”. This Niger Delta state is young, it was formed in 1991. All Rights Reserved. It was established in 1996 in the northwestern part of the country. Nicknames are also below, Also Read: Geo-polititical zones in Nigeria, Nicknames of Some Nigerian States and their slogans. A southern state with the capital Calabar city. Umuahia city is the capital, but the major commercial city of the state is Aba. Benin city is the capital of the state, the slogan describes the state as “The Heartbeat of the Nation.” The population of this state is 8 million people. This post contains all the information you need to know about all the 36 states and capital in Nigeria, their various slogans or mottos and current governors. This state is among the largest states. The division into states affected the political structure of the country. © 2018 - 2020 TheNigerianInfo Media. “Gateway State” has it's capital in Abeokuta. List of Nigeria’s state nicknames. General Ibrahim Babaginda also created 9 states in 1991. A Northwestern state with the capital in Kaduna city, it is called “Centre of Education”. These new states were Ekiti, Ebonyi, Bayelsa, Gombe, Nassarawa and Zamfara states. In this post, we out-listed the 36 states in Nigeria and their slogan including the F.C.T. Learn how your comment data is processed. It was formed in 1967. READ ALSO: How many senators do we have in Nigeria? “State of the Living Spring,” is the slogan. The capital is Dutse city, and the motto phrase of the state is “The New World”. A so-called middle belt state with the capital in Makurdi city, “Nigeria’s Food Basket” this is the slogan. It is one of the states that were created in 1996. The year of creation is 1976. In the year 1967, General Yakubu Gowon created 12 states in Nigeria. State slogans in Nigeria represent the main idea of the state, its spirit, and main feature. The capital of this southern coastal state is Uyo city, and its state slogan is “Promised Land.” The state was established in 1987. In 1987, General Ibrahim Babaginda created additional 2 states which were Akwa-Ibom and Katsina states. Some say these nicknames or new slogan are not befitting for these states as they do not live currently to their bidding. Read Also – Young Shall Grow Motors: Branches/Terminals And Contact Details. “God’s Own State”- this is the slogan of the state. “Home of Agricultural Products” - this is the slogan, Gusau city is the capital of the state. The year of creation is 1991. “The Nation’s Paradise” this is the slogan. The north-western state with the capital in Birnin Kebbi city, the slogan is “Land of Equity.” The state was created in 1991. Bauchi city is the capital, there are 55 tribal groups in this state. The slogan called it “Salt of the Nation”. The year of creation is 1976, the capital is Ibadan city. The stare was formed in 1976 and named after the local river. Before we delve into the slogan of each of the thirty-six states in the country, note that the slogan or motto of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is Unity & Faith, Peace & progress. Some people believe that due to the dirty nature of Aba, the commercial city of Abia State, the slogan should not be beffitting for the state. As a Nigerian or a student studying in Nigeria is a big shame to be asked about the 36 States in Nigeria with their Capitals, Current Governors and Title (slogan) and he/she is unable to answer. The slogan of the state is “Nigeria’s Home of Solid Minerals.”, It is situated in central part of the country. The slogan is “The Influence State.”, The state on the west of the country, that was created in 1967. S. No State Capital … “Sunshine State” as it is called in slogan, its capital city is Akure. … Thanks for this sir..Just what I needed.. Really helped!!! You have entered an incorrect email address! In one of our post, we listed the 36 states and capital according to their Geo-political zones. The capital is Kano city and slogan phrase of the state is “Centre of Commerce.” It was created in 1967. A northeastern state with the capital in Gombe city, the slogan calls it “Jewel in the Savannah”. “Treasure Base” this is the slogan and the capital is Port Harcourt city.

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