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steve prefontaine death

We went back to the apartment to shower and change. Steve Prefontaine’s death, on a tight curve of narrow Skyline Boulevard near Eugene’s Hendricks Park, is also a cautionary tale. His McIntosh was a self-described “military brat” and “scrawny sophomore” of Caucasian and Japanese descent, and he was new in town. In the time that he had been away, the population of the school has decreased by more than half, as the fishing and logging industries have evaporated since his childhood there. Four decades later, others refuse to accept what the police say, that Prefontaine died because he was driving while intoxicated. Sometimes he would take the wheel of his car in his hands and begin to crank it a hard left, just to get the feel. with Birch Lane, there is a sharp curve. “Jesus,” Shorter said. What Political rebellion and countercultural vibes opened the door for skinny guys to become cool. his life.". Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Safety Information/Your California Privacy Rights/Children's Online Privacy Policy are applicable to you. Another physical attribute didn’t help – one of his legs was shorter than the other. He was recognized on campus by runners and non-runners. Field News. This is what the report, still on file at the Eugene Police Department, says about Case No. He hit just about every interval McClure asked of him. But most of the people who were closest to Prefontaine avoid the Rock. You’re not a slave to stuff. The 41st annual edition took place this weekend at Hayward Field. Years later, Ballenger left the Eugene Police Department, but he still lives in town. Few people in those days ran for fun. The runner Steve Prefontaine died at the age of 24. “Because I’m generally not this way. Prefontaine wasn’t just setting American and collegiate records. All we can do at this point is honor him.”. But Prefontaine had actually wanted something else from him. Ballenger and that officer then interviewed Karl Bylund, 20, the driver of the car, according to the police report. Bus-riding hippies wouldn’t think twice about lighting up a joint in the open. You’re physically sick.”. Bylund, now a 60-year-old engineer in Seattle, refused to talk to reporters at the time, and also 10 years later, according to the 1985 story by Henkel, who later became sports editor of The Seattle Times. Loveall, who died of a heart attack at age 65 in 2007, also told the Los Angeles Times in 1985 that what remained with him most, 10 years after the crash, was the pungent smell of alcohol, although no containers of any kind were found in the car or at the scene. Moore believes that someone or something must have made Pre swerve. Richard Loveall. Prefontaine died in May 1975 at the age of 24 in an automobile accident. Absolute silence. The night of the crash, Loveall told The Register-Guard there was no evidence that Prefontaine was speeding on a street with a 25 mph limit. Ballenger tried to determine the speed at which Prefontaine’s car had been traveling. We heard the stories of how Pre would visit and speak on his own volition to middle and high school students about the dangers of drug abuse and STDs. When people talk about Prefontaine’s time at Oregon, they tend to use religious language: “divine intervention,” “a miracle,” “intervention by the hand of God,” “a supernatural occurrence.” It was the right place, right time, right guy. Neither Oregon nor the sport of running had ever seen a personality as bold as Prefontaine’s, let alone one so fearless in criticizing his sport’s governing body. Steve Roland "Pre" Prefontaine was an American middle and long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics. Here is all you want to know, and more! Shorter turned to someone at the table. Fearless. role played of/by Leto, Jared (born 26 December 1971). The skeptics liked to ask what people were running from. an altogether different reason. Mailbag: Will the Seahawks make a deal before the Nov. 3 trade deadline? The memorial has become a famous landmark, visited by Pre fans from all over the world. After dropping off Shorter, he drove away. “Pre was more than a name,” author, former collegiate wrestler, and fellow Oregon boy wonder Ken Kesey said in the 1995 documentary Fire on the Track. In 1975, a group of traveling Finnish athletes took part in an NCAA Prep meet at Hayward Field in Eugene. He remembers the sight of a bunch of muddied, darkened shirts of the track team as they slogged their way around the loop. Pre, of course, never gave up. Four decades later, he remains unforgettable in how he affected people. Did a dog, a deer or a raccoon run in front of his gold 1973 MGB convertible sports car? The 16-year-old Alvarado said that he pushed his father about talking to the police further about the accident but was brushed aside. Alvarado then made a complete circle on Skyline, came back around on Birch Lane, took a left on Skyline and came upon Prefontaine’s overturned car. A two-hour drive away from Pre’s Rock in Eugene is Sunset Memorial Park, a cemetery on a hill on the outskirts of Coos Bay. Steve Prefontaine was America’s first long distance running superstar before his death in 1975 at 24. But even 40 years afterward, his death and questions surrounding it haunt the places where his life began and ended and the people he left behind. Steve Prefontaine.He was cool, surfer cool, dirty blonde hair flopping on his shoulders as he rounded a turn on a track. The more commonly told tale is the drunken-driving one: Steve Prefontaine had too many drinks and flipped his car over. What is real, concrete and embedded in so many of our collective conscience around the country is what Pre did leave us. was no indication of excessive speed, Pre's 1973 MGB crossed the Running was becoming more popular everywhere. Forty-five years later, we still remember. question. to play cards to kill time before the meet. He ran not with the elegance that usually inspires awe in fans, but with obvious effort. For so many of us in awe of Pre’s running talents, we really knew we couldn’t match his times, his records, but we could match something else Pre embraced. The historic post office is now an art museum, and freight trains rest along the waterfront tracks. “It’s a matter of degrees. Prefontaine had picked up the phone and called Shorter, who had won a gold medal in the marathon at the 1972 Munich Olympics, to see if he would fill in. got into the MG and drove down to the UO ticket office where Nancy Prefontaine lived in a trailer in Glenwood with his Oregon teammate Pat Tyson. “People who weren’t there have no idea,” Linda said. Perhaps the timing could affect the outcome of a test, but enough to determine Prefontaine was still below the legal limit? Steve Prefontaine's last race May 29, 1975: Below are the results of that meet (click on the image to be able to read): Click on the image above to get a larger image. Walt McClure, too. Courage. The drive there winds you through pastures with cows, tunnels of trees, and the occasional roar of U.S. 101, the road that connects Coos Bay with the rest of the world. He was certainly the most popular track and field athlete in the nation at the time, if not the world. It was a road Pre had run along hundreds of times I still haven’t heard back. Prefontaine’s death is told as a cautionary drunken driving tale. The police looked through the bushes in the dark to make sure another passenger hadn’t been flung from the vehicle. 12:15 a.m., Pre left with Nancy and Frank. His national and world class competitors never backed off trying to beat him, but there seemed to be an unrelenting respect for him. The MG was equipped with a Prefontaine’s younger sister, Linda Prefontaine, 61, was there, as always. I left a voicemail and my cell phone number. Shorter had been a late addition to the meet, coming to Eugene from Colorado after Prefontaine’s rival, Olympic gold medalist Lasse Viren, pulled out. Children at Blossom Gulch Elementary, Farr and Prefontaine’s alma mater, are taught an entire unit on Prefontaine’s life and philosophy.

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