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the cell cast

She's oblivious as Stefan starts to freak out inside. Stefan starts choking her. In 1958, he'd been drinking Enzo's rations for a year and he'd gotten stronger. Episode Guide(Transcript) Use Screen Cast to demonstrate a presentation, show new concepts or features, display videos and pictures, and much more. Aaron shoots Damon. The Cell is the ninth episode of the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries and the ninety-eighth episode of the series overall. Aaron decks Wes, knocking him to the ground. Aaron sees news clips about his parents' death at a campground. It was a weekend trip. Starring Larissa Manoela. Damon tells Joseph in 1953 that the last time he saw Stefan was in 1942 in, This is the third and final episode of the season to not feature, This episode marked the first appearances of. "A Girl Like You" – Eddie Robbins Wes gives Aaron his grandfather's watch, which he says is a precaution against vampires. Wes checks in on Damon in his cell. The fire raged with Enzo still in the cage. She slides up close to him and runs her hands across his chest. He'd been locked up ten years. She knows he gets anxious and violent when his PTSD kicks in. Aaron thinks he knows a place. But Wes invites her in and she's able to enter. This genre-bending series puts a modern twist on Greek and Roman mythology, exploring themes of gender politics, power and life in the underworld. Wes admits they were killed by vampires. Whitmore was working in a battlefield hospital overseas when he discovered Enzo was a vampire and locked him in a coffin and shipped him overseas. She tells Aaron that Damon went to talk to Wes last night and no one has seen either of them since. Melinda Hsu Taylor A teen with the power of invisibility is dragged into a small-time criminal's quest to rule the neighborhood, and gets to know a mysterious art student. When Whitmore opened the cage to take Damon out to show him off to the guests on New Year's, Damon broke his own hand to slip out of the chains. December 5, 2013 If the cast is tubular epithelial, then it could suggest damage in the kidney’s tubule cells. "Creeplife" – Deap Vally Two years after the murder of his son and father, a retired hitman sets in motion a carefully crafted revenge plan against the killer: his own brother. At college, Elena drops in on Aaron, who is reeling over the death of his roommate, Jesse. Wes explains to Aaron that his father taught him everything he knows about vampires and research and the Whitmore Trust has been funding his research. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. The Cell. Damon asks Whitmore why he's doing this and he explains he's trying to understand vampires on a cellular level to make use of them. Stefan questions whether the safe is a good idea for coping with his PTSD. Damon reveals that he never told Stefan about being imprisoned and tortured by the Augustine Society because he didn't want him to have anything else to feel guilty about. He tells Damon that because he killed his test subject last night (Jesse), Damon's going to take his place. He confesses that he owns the house as part of the Whitmore Trust he inherited when his parents died. The brothers haven't spoken since Damon left Stefan on the train platform in WWII. Damon explains how he escaped. Use any device that has a browser and an internet connection to view your mobile screen remotely. She turns to offer Stefan her neck and urges him to fight it. And he did. More TV Shows & Movies. In the present, Damon wakes up in a cell with Wes Maxfield injecting him with vervain. She asks about Wes, who became his legal guardian after his aunt Sarah died. Aaron comes down to the cells in the basement with his gun. Damon explains that with Enzo dead, he had to carry out his revenge plan himself. The cell is a functional and structural unit in all living organisms. Cast Of The Cell. She kisses him. He left Enzo there to die in the fire. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Flash back to 1953, Whitmore has Damon strapped to a table. "My Superman" – Santigold, The Vampire Diaries: A Darker Truth • Bite Sized • Bloodlines Revealed • Bitten by... A fresh new artist • Forever Yours • Get Sucked In • Inside The Vampire Diaries • Mystic Diaries • Parody • Previously... • Stakeout, The Originals: Previously... • Secrets from the Quarter • The Awakening • Quick Cut, The Vampire Diaries 5x09 Promo - The Cell HD. Cell is a 2016 American science fiction horror film based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Stephen King.The film is directed by Tod Williams, produced by John Cusack, with a screenplay by King and Adam Alleca.The film stars John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, and Isabelle Fuhrman.The film was released on June 10, 2016 to video on demand, prior to a limited release scheduled for July 8, 2016. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He goes for Damon, but Enzo volunteers. Jennifer Lopez Shows Constance Wu How to Work the Pole in 'Hustlers' Clip, Jennifer Lopez's 'Hustlers' Expected to Have $25 Million Box Office Opening. 2.36 million Down in the cell, Elena prods Damon to tell her how he escaped. Cast. Season 5, Episode 9 (98) After getting electrocuted by an MRI machine, an ambitious young medical student begins to hear the thoughts of others. Damon being experimented and tortured in 1953 by the Augustine society. Caroline reads up on PTSD while Stefan is in the safe. "Yes Yes" – The Colourists The circle of relatives enlists the help of a powerful medium that tries to solid them out. Damon tried to free him, but the bars were coated in vervain and the fire was advancing. 2017 TV-MA 2h 6m Action & Adventure. Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell, The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You,, It is revealed that Aaron is a member of the, After revealing the truth about vampires to him, Wes gives Aaron his great-grandfather, This is the second episode this season to feature only four main cast members. This promise involved killing nearly all of a generation of the Whitmore family at a time, leaving only one survivor to carry on the family bloodline so that Damon could then kill all but one of the following generation, repeating the cycle over and over again. A special operations officer vows to get revenge against the terrorist who killed his friend in a brutal attack. To begin, he stabs Damon in the eye. She tells him she thinks he's choosing to focus on the physical pain of drowning in the safe instead of the emotional pain of Elena breaking his heart. Wes tells him vampires exist and Elena is one of them. He takes the gun and bullets from the safe and the watch. Netflix and third parties use cookies (why?). next Maxfield tells Damon that after training Jesse to crave vampire blood, he's ready to take his research to his next level. Elena asks Aaron if he thinks it's weird that both his friends committed suicide in their first semester. He was there for about five years. "Oo Wee" – The Hearts She drinks vampire blood to heal her hand after he cuts it. Enzo tried to teach Damon how to survive, including picturing exactly how he'd get his revenge. Damon confesses he's been there before and tells her about Whitmore's torture, including cutting up pieces of them every day. Fed up with being single on holidays, two strangers agree to be each other's platonic plus-ones all year long, only to catch real feelings along the way. Dead Man on Campus Damon reveals that in revenge against the Whitmore family for what they had done to him and Enzo, he spent the next several decades enacting his promise to Enzo as a sort of tribute to him. Later, when Damon tells Elena about a terrible ordeal in his past that he has kept secret for decades, she shares the disturbing information she just learned about her own family. Chris Grismer Posted on October 17, 2020. They play rock paper scissors and Damon wins. The Cell Cast and Crew "Enter The Mind Of A Killer" TMDb Score. After trying to make amends with Caroline, Elena grows so concerned about Damon that she turns to Aaron for help. By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. Directed by Katherine tells Stefan she believes there is something to the doppelgänger prophecy and Stefan wants to get far away from Damon and Elena and she's just the latest excuse to stay in town. He tells Aaron it's his legacy. The contractor shall install Cell-Cast ® disk products, providing a round hole in conformance with LINK-SEAL ® modular seal sizing data. At the house, Stefan keeps watch over Katherine, trying to ensure she doesn't kill herself. Finally, Aaron decides on a desperate course of action after a conversation with Dr. Wes. Viewers Whitmore interrupts, asking who's next. Air date She hears Stefan and Katherine making out and tells her to call. She doesn't want to believe he'd be part of a place that would cut Damon's eyes out. FLASHBACKS TO A DARK TIME IN DAMON’S LIFE - Stefan continues to offer Katherine his support while trying to mask his own pain, until Caroline shows up with an unusual form of therapy. View your mobile screen to your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart TV using Screen Cast. His name's Aaron Whitmore. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. If it is a red blood cell cast, it could be a sign of bleeding from the kidneys, which could be associated with different types of kidney-related diseases. Damon stops him, and says it was him. A by-the-book political aide falls for a big-hearted Air Force pilot while looking to shut down his tropical base and its airborne Christmas tradition. Elena meets Enzo and is shocked to find him alive, "A New Pair Of Blues" – Buddy Stuart June 11, 1953 Damon drops in on Joe at the house. Ahmed Ezz Mohamed Mamdouh Samer al Masri Amina Khalil Ahmed Safwat Ahmed Salah Hosny Aïcha Ben Ahmed Rania Elkhatib Riham Abdel Ghafour.

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