the zoo story themes and symbols

Jerry approaches Peter, sitting on a park bench where he has been coming the last four years, and says, “Do you mind if we talk?” And Peter, “obviously minding,” replies that he does not mind. E. Benefit of the Study The benefits of this study are as follows : 1. with otherthings creatures, all and Thank you,Peter, mean “with bed,with cockroach, a with I a thatnow; thankyouvery a mirror. More perceptively, Jerry guesses that there will be no more children, and that that decision was made by Peter’s wife. Therefore, be sure to refer to those guidelines when editing your bibliography or works cited list. His reign was marked by a program of extensive reform known as Wes…, Peter, Saint The words Jerry says as he is dying are most important: “Thank you, Peter. Throughout the play, as Jerry’s stories continue, he is careful to control the conversation and manipulate Peter. Theirs is a perfect is from modelofmost human wayswithgreatpain and difficulty relationships, withanyassurance and never that as Jerry them. Postmodernists continued to apply the fundamentals of modernism, including alienation and existentialism, but went a step further by rejecting traditional forms. Jerry sighs heavily, says, “So be it,” and rushes at Peter, impaling himself on the knife and giving himself, deliberately, a mortal wound. 2. in Man through “true” and yet, ironically,on the salvation his naturalstate is alone, a prislevel symbolistic it is God,theGod oner of Self. Jerry is at first angered by Peter’s refusal to comprehend, then apparently resigned to it. Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist, traveled all over the U.S. to interview over 16,000 men and women about their sexual histories. MISTER, I’VE BEEN TO THE ZOO!” Through Jerry’s stories, Peter learns that Jerry lost his parents at the age of ten and then went to live with his aunt, who died on the afternoon of his high school graduation. [9], The play, titled Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo played at American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco in June 2009, with Anthony Fusco as Peter, René Augesen as his wife Ann, and Manoel Felciano as Jerry.[10]. The Theater of Protest and Paradox: Development in the Avant-Garde Drama, New York University Press, 1964. The play explores themes of isolation, loneliness, miscommunication as anathematization, social disparity and dehumanization in a materialistic world. Review in Critical Essays on Edward Albee, edited by Philip C. Kolin and J. Madison Davis, p. 41, Hall, 1986. retain their original significance.” John Ditsky expressed a similar viewpoint in The Onstage Christ: Studies in the Persistence of a Theme, declaring that “The Zoo Story rests upon a foundation of Christ-references, and indeed derives its peculiar structure from Jesus’ favourite teaching device, the parable.” Other critics have described The Zoo Story as a ritual confrontation with death, a morality play, a homosexual play, and an absurd play. The Zoo Story Symbolism. vision truth of thathas flashed become Peter, fore Peter’s mind during the Jerry-Oh, on now, tellmewhatyouthink. No. Drama for Students. and ideas thatbolster withthings is but now the barrierbetweenhimselfand Jerry(Jerry dying, his expressionseems to all other creatures. Jerry is a fully developed, three-dimensional character. However, many critics maintain that the way Albee mentions television in The Zoo Story and the fact that Peter has difficulty carrying on anything but empty conversation reflect on how disconnected society has become. This content downloaded on Sun, 3 Feb 2013 22:44:19 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions SYMBOLISM AND NATURALISM IN EDWARD ALBEE’S THE ZOO STORY ROSE A. ZIMBARDO The acclaim, both popular and his theme. Jerry sets it up so that he is able to impale himself on his own knife, while Peter holds it out in self-defense. With pushy questions, Jerry learns that Peter lives on the fashionable East Side of the Park (they are near Fifth Avenue and 74th Street), that the firm for which he works publishes textbooks, and that his household is female-dominated: one wife, two daughters, two cats, and two parakeets. Critics objected to the fact that the researchers failed to pass moral judgment on the data that they collected. In this essay, Johnson heartily endorses Albee’s play, citing numerous elements that merit extensive study in the classroom. Many critics have pointed out that The Zoo Story is a play about the difficulty of communication. Such themes used within the play are isolation, social outcast, and loneliness. . ” (The progression . PETER: (Obviously minding.) like people.” People are trapped in their own little worlds like animals in a zoo, and everyone is “. But Christ’s ism is not outside of the story which has to tell,whichis the he The CityCollege 17 This content downloaded on Sun, 3 Feb 2013 22:44:19 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions, Symbolism and Naturalism in Edward Albee’s the Zoo Story. org/page/info/about/policies/terms. Another literary style which began emerging around the time that The Zoo Story was written is postmodernism. The vast majority of the reviews were positive and many hoped for a revitalized theatre because of it. Peter is will be getting againforced Jerry respond at to parakeets by dinner ready soon. Wealth and Poverty The final major theme of The Zoo Story is wealth and poverty, and the illusions that are created between the social and economic classes. He taunts Peter, punches him and pushes him to the ground, challenging him to fight for his bench. However, Jerry’s manner and the way he talks intrigues Peter and it is this intrigue that allows Jerry to pull him into his world. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. called, “The Zoo Story” a man named Jerry’s side effects of social isolation shine through as he creates this odd kind of confrontation with another man, named Peter. Unexpectedly, Jerry pulls a knife on Peter, and then drops it as initiative for Peter to grab. Jerry tells Peter to pick up the knife but Peter won’t. The Zoo Story by Edward Albee details what happens when one character enters the life of another character and quickly changes it forever. .” He further taunts him, bringing out more of his simpleness and sameness, “. the dramatis personae, Peter is Mourning Becomes Electra pro- “neither fat nor gaunt, neither vides an excellentexample. They are a pair of armed relationships Jerry is thatmenare islandsirrevocablyenemies each otherup, waitsizing one another. To analyze the meaning of symbols employed in Edward Albee's The Zoo Story. from appropriated Both Peterand separation ture) who fights theotheranimals. So carefullyconand maintainedis the symstructed bolic pattern that it skirts being it allegory. Thank you very much. . And in doing so he often uses the outcast, the distorted man, the pervert. Peter may never wander preaching in the wilderness, but he will never again draw breath without the burden of the knowledge that Jerry has conveyed to him. Jerry(His eyes still closed,he Jerry(Sighsheavily) So be it. The Zoo Story went on to win the Village Voice Obie Award for best play in 1960, but it was not until after four more one-act plays that Albee wrote his most controversial and critically acclaimed play. Peter’s is a kind’ of stoicism. . org. As his laughter then tinues, that subsides, Jerry It is withinthe naturalism 13 ing that can resultfromsuch a thatthe contact givesno assurance can endureformorethan contact an instant.

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