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trollhunters morgana death

According to Merlin, Morgana secretly sowed the seeds of conflict between humans and trolls, thus orchestrating the millennia-long War for the Surface Lands, which would lead up to the birth of Gunmar. However, the trolls managed to escape while Jim holds the Gumm-Gumms long enough for them to run into hiding once again. In "Party Crashers", Mary asks Darci where Jim, Claire, and Toby were. "It's About Time" (Trollhunters)"A Glorious End, Part Two" (3Below; mentioned)"Spellbound" (Wizards; cameo) Despite mocking them and trying to distract them, Morgana is ignored and kept subdued as Strickler and Blinky open a portal into the Shadow Realm to send the boys to find Claire's spirit before she is lost forever. While they eventually raid GDT Arcane Books, Morgana goes to the Shadow Realm to save Arthur's soul, who she believes is mind-controlled by the Order. Angor then spotted the Shadow Staff and urged Claire to use it. With the Gumm-Gumm army all set for the invasion, Morgana proceeds to unleash the Eternal Night, creating a fiery twister that destroys the Heartstone and blots out the sun that allows the Gumm-Gumms to invade Arcadia, thus beginning the Eternal Night War. Using the ashes of the dead Gumm-Gumms, Morgana starts the Eternal Night so that trolls could destroy all of mankind just because she feels like it, first by having the Gumm-Gumms crush and devour everyone in Arcadia, then trying to murder Merlin before the spirits of past Trollhunters protect him by using the ashes of fallen Gumm-Gumms to fight her. However, the Pale Lady double-crossed Angor Rot, granting him the power he sought but turned his offering into the Inferna Copula, a magic ring that housed the troll's soul. However, the Knight realizes that Morgana is a traitor and reveals that he joined the Arcane Order by his own will in his twisted concept of redemption, as he believes that the only way to redemption is helping the Order destroy and remake the world to their liking. Past: Honorable, loyal, fair, well-intentioned, kind, brave, caringPresent: Evil, cruel, sadistic, treacherous, manipulative, cold, vindictive, spiteful, vengeful, mysterious, hypocritical, hostile, deceitful, unpredictable, crafty, power-hungry, vile, bloodthirsty (formerly)Determined, remorseful, witty, courageous, selfless Even with the phonograph casted away, Morgana is able to communicate with Gunmar through a book in Blinky's library, revealing the location of her cave in Bulgaria. She has fair skin, emerald green eyes, and waist-length red hair tied in a low thin ponytail. She holds an intense, long-term grudge against Merlin and everything associated with him, like his Trollhunters ever since he took her left hand to create his champions' Amulet of Daylight (though it can be argued that he mostly did it because of her betrayal, which would also make this excuse extremely petty compared to her past horrendous actions). Thus, she is to be taken very seriously if anyone ever confronts her. Initially, she went along with the Arcane Order, and watched in horror to see her brother slay their old mentor Merlin. They often played together as children in a forest outside Camelot, where they often went to escape their troubles. This was a lie, or perhaps a truth from a certain point of view. With her minutes away from being dead anyway, she let go of the objects that she held flying, which includes a giant piece of Camelot, and allowed a giant piece to land on her brother (as well as on her), killing the both of them at the same time. Unknown (immortal) Although her final fate is unclear, it's possible that she died since Merlin claimed that she would die if he gets his magic back. Morgana continues her career for Gunmar by guiding the decisions of the Janus Order, speaking to them through an old gramophone, but abandons them after the return of Gunmar. Age He is ruthless beyond imagining, and his return to the natural world would spell the utter destruction of human and Trollkind as we know it." Morgana was disgusted and horrified by the actions of her brother but could do little to stop him. Ultimately, while she did give him what he wanted, she still tricked him into trading his own soul and turned it into the Inferna Copula, which she used to force him (against his own will) to kill Merlin's Trollhunters (and to some extent, Merlin himself). The history of Morgana, the hidden true main antagonist of Trollhunters. As a result, Arthur developed his own ambitions and became odious by his own will, eventually coming up with genocidal intent on all magical beings to avenge Guinevere, regardless of whether or not they're good or evil, even though those he pursued had nothing to do with her. Sorceress Defenders of Arcadia The present Morgana seemingly found solace, clarity, and remorse during her imprisonment in the Shadow Realm, as she was upset to have been released from it and despaired at having to become involved in more violence and chaos at the behest of the Arcane Order and, to her horror, her resurrected brother, Arthur. She genuinely did have an affinity for all magical creatures, due to all of the pain and torture King Arthur put them all through. Her manipulativeness even extended to where she once took the form of Barbara Lake to persuade Strickler into trapping Jim and his friends in the Shadow Realm forever, by offering to give him the heart of another (though Strickler, in a desperate attempt to resist her temptation, claims that a stolen heart is never truly an act of true love, but rather an act of selfish desire). Games However, while she did want to rule the world, she did have some good intentions as well when bringing forth the Eternal Night; she truly cared for trollkind and felt that mankind must be destroyed to ensure the trolls' freedom, even though Merlin claimed that she wanted to do it just because she craved chaos. However, it is discovered that Morgana wasn't always a monster; she was once a peaceful, well-meaning, and understanding sorceress. Likes At first, she was Merlin's apprentice, as they both worked on magical spells and the like. Lena HeadeyYvonne Angulo (Defenders of Arcadia)

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