university of manchester accommodation reviews

University of Manchester campus has a good atmosphere with a huge library and learning commons. Its a prestigious university with a lot of history. Uni of manchester is great. So why charging Home fee students the same? University of manchester is a good university. Great, large campus with an extensive amount of clubs and societies within the students' union. The only down side to Manchester is the halls of residence. Very good facilities. You don't get much help academically but I kinda liked the independence. Loads of facilities and they organize a lot of their students. As well as that they provided me with ZERO SUPPORT for my sport Taekwondo (in the olympics) in which I was a Commonwealth gold medalist and comepeting for Great Britain regularly. The majority of the staff undermine you as they don't take your mental health seriously, the support services are appalling (to the point where I attempted suicide and they referred me for a mental health appointment in 2 months), the mitigating circumstances are ridiculously hard to get and even if you get them you have a pay a stupid amount of money. Ridiculous. The course is very independent and sometimes there is a lack of support. But Manchester as a city is entertaining enough. Coffees and spaces to work are available everywhere and the city is always full of life !!! The way the things are done here is just incredible. Appalled with the lack of compassion from this universy. The careers service is out of this world, they have helped me so much and enabled me to secure a graduate job. uni is awesome live in fallowfield if your a social person. Improve SU more events and need psychology society events, Brilliant facilities and lots of societies, not enough computers in the library and really randomly placed toilets. The university is absolutely HORRIBLE at dealing with and being compassionate for ANY mental health circumstances. Lots of space to revise during exam season. the people are lovely as well, better than anyone from london. Read reviews and check the distance from your accommodation address to your university with our interactive map. A lot of students here are the same. I do not compete in Taekwondo after being at this university. Just finished my first year here, it is a very good university but as other reviews have said, the staff can come across quite rude and full of themselves. If you are looking for a radical and progressive understanding of International Relations then Manchester is your best bet. I just love the city. Even though Manchester rains a lot, but the university is a lovely place to be at. Campus is great, city is fantastic, university is well recognised. Be careful to not study at this university at all!!!! Got employed immediately after graduating. Regretting coming here, Great university academically, but when you need help with any paperwork or any other thing it could take a long time, and most time they won't help you. Manchester is an amazing city with 100's of bars, clubs and restaurants and is amazing to explore. Out of the hundreds of students I met, only two are non-private school. This is great as there are lots of bars and takeaways nearby. Spend your money elsewhere, avoid at all costs. it is really sociable and tackles problems head on such as sexual harrassment, bullying etc. It strikes a perfect balance between nature and fashion. Manchester is big. The uni has a very active students union with events such as Pangaea festival in September every year, and creating a student wristband for freshers week with organised events. As a student, you should find a university with supportive academicians and environments, don't believe in 'marketings' and 'advertisements'. The facilities are all well-suited to specific uses and are easy to locate. the uni provides support when you find the right person to talk to within your department. There's free wifi all across the campus, and PC Clusters in just about every building. Sir Charles Groves offers ensuite rooms in shared flatsFully furnished, communal rooms & secure bike storageOnly a 5-minute walk from the University of Manchester. Overall, a great place. Wouldn't want have gone anywhere else, coming from a small city - Manchester as a big city is great and everything around the uni is so easy to find! Plus, the halls are pretty rad :). This was in a huge lecture hall in Roscoe and there was barely any audible noise. The libraries are a bit crowded but really nice (specially AliG). StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to report, vote, and leave reviews, you need to create a free account. All round excellent place. Overall a nice university. The only thing that would make me mark it down in facilities is the fact that us students who are paying £9,000 a year still have to pay for printer credit. I have just graduated from the business school and the respect I got from employers are fantastic. If you get involved in the societies and clubs that are available it will definitely help you make the most of your time at Manchester as this is were many people meet a lot of their friends. Lack of student diversity for all postgraduates courses under the School of Natural Sciences. Every club under the sun. Great campus and highly supportive staff! Several times I have been ignored or felt like I was on my own regarding academic issues. The graduate outcomes for The University of Manchester show that six months after leaving university, 96% of graduates are in work or further study. The Students Union location is very appropiate, and has its own bar/restaurant to eat. Eduroam always crashes. Alan Turing is the past, you will not even be the next Nobel Prize winner by coming to UoM. I can mention a huge list of shortfalls in the post graduate Dentistry but all of these shows lack of attention of people in charge of the course toward the students. The will not help you if you are international student, they won't support you. Careers services offers great support as well by organizing lots of events and providing one to one support. The campus makes you feel safe and there's just this mesmerising beauty about it! Nice university, great facilities, good teachers. I made a huge mistake choosing to go here....Leeds or Liverpool would have been better....my bad. The University of Manchester is located in North West England, Greater Manchester. Really happy with my first year. UoM is a really good university because of the students. Live in Q3 and enjoy Manchester's student life. The campus is nice. There is no wi-fi, Victoria Halls are great place to be close to uni and are also one of the much nicer accommodation on offer. Manchester is an excellent University and offers everything but its down to you to find it... Im here to go to lectures and then go home... that's just me. In one class, the lecturer had a five minute arguement with a student who was speaking to someone next to him. Big enough that there’ll definitely be people you get on with but maybe too big that you can’t find them, Great university- would definitely reccommend. I went to two societies and they were alright, they felt a bit unorganised but not bad considering they are run by students who have their own courses etc. poor program espicially dentistry, harassment, exclusion, racism, victimization intimidating staff. 'Neglagence to diligence is ignorance'. They fooled me and provided me with Dip instead of MSc because i raised a complaint !!!! Okay university, must go to the Freshers fairs to easily get involved in anything otherwise feels like there is no opportunities afterwards. There is no ear to listen to the OhD students, poor PhD supervision, very bad guide without understanding the students need. I initially started at Uni of Leeds, and ending up dropping out as it wasn't for me. Wifi access is available almost everywhere on campus for free. I think the Politics and International Relations course is fantastic. My hall (Owens Park) is appalling but I’m sure this does not apply to the rest of the university’s halls, most of which look nice. The value for money is the main thing I can complain about. I struggled with my mental health at the beginning and they have endless support services including group classes and, Not reviewing the university, just the accommodation at MSV South, which is appalling. campus is pretty, courses are good and facilities are good. She wants to make people believe that the university is focused on social justice, but is overwhelming not the case. Most people stay on to life in Manchester after because it’s a smaller cheaper London. The benefits of being a city campus also means that if you fancy something else to eat or socialise, you have the whole city in the palm of your hands. I overall the university has great facilities, a great social life, and in general the staff are always willing to help. Strikes were not compensated well given that other universities were reimbursing students for lost time. You will be treated like a fool here and most of the academic staffs showing no respect at all to the students, they are behaving very rude. So much diversity, so many people to make friends with. Libraries are often full, but they have computers and printers as well as books(apparently!) All data is based on UCAS standard definitions. Best uni + best city for a mix of a high standard of academic work and crazy nightlife. The students union host events often such as Pangaea festival twice a year and Athletics union night every Wednesday which are pretty fun. Nice, attractive campus, in a good location not too far from the city centre, modern facilities, very sociable university. Pretty buildings and nice volunteering projects. Overall university ranking is very good but i think support for students to survive through course is very little and expects students to work on their own and their lecture material is not so good. Procedure orientated, very little warmth from staff apart from a couple of lecturers. The campus facilities are good, lots of places to revise but can get really busy. She does not take the side of the staff or students and instead focuses on the economic gain of the university. Students union isn't cheap but the halls bar Squirrels is £1.30 a pint! Teaching: If you want to prepare for the lab or the exam - you have to Google, Google and Google. I like the fact that everything is largely on one campus, Nice uni, it still has somethings to improve. The lecturers are world leaders in their research, the careers service is one of the best, the students union is the largest- the list goes on. I personally have a massive problem with the management of the uni however, Nancy Rothwell fundamentally doesn't seem to care abut the wellbeing of her staff and students, as shown during the strikes to protect teaching staff pensions. Many of the students here seem to have no desire to do any work, no one is enthusiastic about anything and many people are very emotionally distant with no apparent desire to make anything beyond a superficial connection with anyone. Doing my LLB at the moment and I can truly say this uni is everything you could've asked for.

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